Swell X


Swell X is an independent oil and gas service company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of swellable packers & products to the global market.

Formed in 2012, we bring together a team of industry experts to effectively design, test, manufacture and supply swellable packers and products from scratch, inhouse. Our streamlined process allows us to focus on performance and price to the benefit of our clients.

Our team are experts in the design, manufacture and downhole application of swellable rubber compounds.

We are specialists in swell - it is all that we do - and with no other product lines, we are a truly independent partner who will not be competing in other key markets.

Development, Manufacturing and Test Facility

Our vertically integrated facility in the US allows us to develop compounds, design packers, lab test materials, manufacture production packers and carry out full scale pressure testing at a single location. We control the process from design through to qualification, and our product development time is rapid. Our R&D team have significant real life experience and have designed and delivered thousands of packers worldwide.

Our 35,000 square foot dedicated manufacturing facility allows us to focus on our clients without compromise, and with the capability to expand production rapidly to accommodate your increased demands. We control our own production, unlike other packer suppliers who have to fight for capacity and priority from, often shared, sub contract manufacturers.

Swell X are a young, dynamic company dedicated to supplying the highest quality, best performing product at the lowest possible cost. We achieve this through a focused supply chain and manufacturing process. We are more reactive and have significantly lower overheads than our larger less adaptable competitors. We don’t cut corners.

We are Swell X – THE Swellable Packer Company.