Swell X


The X Packer provides a simple, effective, high integrity solution for cased and open hole zonal isolation.

The swellable nature of the rubber allows it to conform to micro variations in the bore hole which in combination with the long wellbore contact length provides a high integrity seal in open hole without exerting excessive force on the wellbore.

With no moving parts, and no requirement for setting tools, the reliability of these packers is exceptionally high.

The X Packer is energized by the fluid present in the well, whether that be oil or water based. Natural processes of absorption and diffusion assisted by the complex engineering of the rubber matrix draw the fluid inside the packer which then swells to contact the wellbore and provide a seal.

The X Packer is bonded to the base pipe for the full length of the swellable rubber element. This reduces possible leak paths providing a high pressure, high integrity seal. It provides effective isolation with either ball activated sleeves or plug and perf completion designs.


Swell X Packers are a simple, more reliable means of isolation than alternatives such as inflatable packers, mechanical packers and even cementing when in extended horizontal wells. Their robust design and simple operation mean they are a flexible solution in many situations where a pressure seal is required. Specific applications include:

  • Isolation for hydraulic fracturing (particularly in horizontal wellbores)
  • Wellbore segmentation
  • Flow diversion
  • Isolation of Sustained Casing Pressure
  • Cement integrity (micro-annuli and mud channelling)
  • Straddle systems
  • Between screen zonal isolation for gravel packing and sand screens
  • Thru-tubing isolation of perforations for refracturing